Play65 is probably the fastest growing Backgammon site at the moment and has tens of thousands of registered players online. There is always a game to play at Play65 so you'll never be stuck for an opponent to either play for free on play in a real money game.

One of the things that sets Play65 apart from the rest of the online backgammon offerings is their Backgammon School. A lot of online players have heard of backgammon but it's not played extensively in a lot of countries around the world. If you're a newbie player or just need some more practice Play65 have developed the school to help your play and to teach you how to play backgammon as good as everyone else.

The Backgammon School shows you the moves you should be making and advises when you're making a wrong move. It's a great way to learn the game or just get more games under your belt before hitting the money tables!

Play65 offer their players an extensive range of normal games, Sit & Go tournaments which begin when a set number of players join and also event tournaments which start at a set time and can offer thousands in the currency of your choice as winning prizes.

We've found that the sit and go tournaments can be fairly easily won and are great fun!

Tournament fees start at a minimum of £5 and a £1 entry fee so it's great cheap entertainment. Of course many Play 65 play for fun and they too get great games to play and it doesn't cost a thing!

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