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Gammon Empire Update
Gammon Empire have announced that their lead in the online backgammon stakes has grown even larger with now more than 11,000 online players at a time playing and more than 1,000,000 members in total.

Unlike some other games rooms, Gammon Empire is dedicated only to backgammon and concentrating on one type of game seems to have paid off well for them.

The Gammon Empire software now run on 15 different languages making it a truely global affair.

Gammon Empire
Gammon Empire have now managed to pass 7000+ players online at any one time.
Gammon Empire passed this monumental mark in the backgammon league making them the largest online backgammon site.

This great step forward for Empire means that whatever time of day of night you log into Gammon Empire, you'll be assured of someone to play with!

Play 65
Play 65 have announced a new player record with a massive 1,500,000 registered backgammon players. This makes Play 65 the world’s largest backgammon community. The figures give Play 65 an 80% share of the online backgammon market and they have 10,000 backgammon players online at peak periods.

Play65 has also launched its multiple currency options, giving players the option to deposit and play with Euros, GBP pounds and/or US dollars. A quote from Play 65 reiterates the need for multiple currencies, 'Our players come from across the globe, so the facilities to allow users to deposit and withdraw in the currency of their choice was an obvious advance for us.'

Backgammon World's History of Backgammon
For those interested in the deeper World of Backgammon and the history behind the game since its inception, possibly as far back as 3000bc, check out the history of the game.

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