In the world of online backgammon, BGRoom stands out as a simple and attractive backgammon site where you can play backgammon for free as well as for money. To play at BGRoom or to download the free backgammon software available, you have to register at the site.

One of the highlights of BGRoom in terms of usability is the multilingual feature. You can access the site in five languages – English, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, and Hebrew. The reason for the leaning towards the non-English languages is to give other countries that are big with backgammon a site to play in. The multi-lingual feature is a great value-add.

Coming to the look and feel of BGRoom, the black background of the site gives it a cool and elegant look while retaining the sporty appearance with its delightful mix of somber and flashy colors. The site offers you all the facilities you need to play your favorite game online. There is a free download of the game available if you want to take it to your desktop.

BGRoom also has a number of promotional offers for backgammon players if you choose to play there. Registration at the site is free, and comes with a $5 welcome bonus.

If you deposit the money through any of the other outlets that BGRoom recognizes – Visa, Mastercard, Moneybookers, Neteller, CashU, Western Union, or Wire transfer – you get a nice welcome bonus. Each of these deposits has to be made using the respective code number available at the site.

There are often adhoc promotions on offer as well that players can enter for free to win great prizes. These are sizeable prizes worth winning making it worthwhile registering for a chance of winning.

Besides these promotional offers, you also get paid $10 every time you refer a friend to BGRoom. The money is deposited into your account at the site. The only condition is that your friend registers at the site and plays 10 games, without making any cash deposit, in real money mode. Another offer is the free bonus of 30% of your first time deposit when you make the deposit in real money mode.

The site is great to play at, and looks good as well and the quick download will get you playing quickly. An excellent site for beginners and more advanced players. Playing online with’s very stable, superior software makes the experience of playing backgammon a real pleasure. You feel the excitement as if you were playing live.

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