Backgammon Rules - Hitting and Entering

Where a point is occupied by a single stone of either color, it is called a blot. When an opposing stone lands on a blot, the blot is hit and placed on the bar.

Anytime a player has a stone on the bar, they must first enter that stone into the opposing home board. A stone is entered by moving it to an open point corresponding to one of the numbers on the rolled dice.

For example, if a player rolls 2 and 3, he may enter a stone onto either the opponents' 2 point or 3 point so long as the point is not occupied by two or more of his opponents' stones. If neither of the points is open, the player misses their turn.

If a player is able to enter some but not all of his stones, he must enter as many as he can and then forfeit the remainder of his turn. After the stones on the bar have been entered any unused numbers on the die have to be played.

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