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Backgammon is a fairly easy game to play, not as hard as chess but more difficult than checkers or draughts. It is a game of both luck and skill. It's exciting and is a game that has been played, in one form or another, for centuries. Not long after the backgammon appeared on the internet, there are lots of sites in which to play. We try to make the choice easier by listing and reviewing the best online backgammon sites.

This is yet another proof of backgammon's popularity is that it's the most ancient skill game in the world!

With US players finding it more difficult to play poker online, will Backgammon be the New Poker?

Backgammon, whilst easy to understand, takes time to master. Popular both and offline, many players also enjoy other games that can be played on the internet. It's useful to consult a site that can guide you through the process, like this one.

Explore the new options we've added to our site, read our site reviews, see whats happening in the backgammon world with our news page. Most of all, enjoy your backgammon playing experience! We've just added a new backgammon strategy article to show how to play defensive play, check out Back Off and Run!

We've just added BGRoom to our select few backgammon sites, an excellent site that's got some great games running and they'll give you $5 Free if you want to play for some cold hard cash - without using your own!

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